About the Journal

The Journal for Intersectional Social Justice is a student-led initiative with the purpose of highlighting the umbrella of topics under “social justice”. This includes, and is not limited to; climate change, gender equality/feminism, queer rights, anti-racism, decolonization practices, marginalized communities visibility, etc. The purpose of the journal is to create an academic space for students, undergraduate and postgraduate, to submit research related to the topic of social justice. The journal focuses on this topic specifically, however it is open to a multidisciplinary cohort of submissions. This is to mean that the Journal will accept submissions from any field of study, so long as they pertain to a research topic within social justice. The JISJ is unique in that it operates in a new field of academia, bringing academia to the consumable public. JISJ aims to promote academia in a digestible and relatable manner through social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


The journal will operate based on a standard editorial hierarchy. There would be a double-blind peer review process, as well as a board of editorial staff which will vet papers before sending them to be officially peer-reviewed. If a student from any institution submitted a paper, it would first be reviewed by junior editors for quality and relevance to the topic. The paper would then be passed onto senior editors who would decide which papers are reviewed using the double-blind peer review system. After a paper is peer-reviewed and suggested edits are met in accordance with the reviewers suggestions, the student would then be published in the journal. The journal is currently trying to source editors from a multiplicity of perspectives and experiences to ensure it is as unbiased and as just as possible.


Being a contributor means that you would like to submit to the journal. Contributors must be students, or have been a student, of a university anywhere in the world. Undergraduates and postgraduates are encouraged to submit. Submissions will be accepted much later, once the editorial board has been officially established. Each submission by a contributor will go through the editorial staff system and also be double-blind peer reviewed to ensure the highest legitimacy and academic quality. A contributor can submit an essay or research paper in any field, as the journal is multidisciplinary. As long as the essay/research paper is on a topic within social justice, it will be considered by the editorial team. What this means is that a submission on biology will be considered equally to one from economics, philosophy, politics, etc. Please view the main site journalisj.com "How to Submit" for full information.